SWYP Card December Update


Qvivr, Inc., the company that created the SWYP card, could not secure the financing required to continue operations. This is a notice for all SWYP card pre-order customers.


PLEASE TAKE NOTICE that on November 1, 2017, Qvivr, Inc. (“Assignor”), a Delaware corporation, as assignor, made a General Assignment for the Benefit of Creditors (the “Assignment”) to Qvr (an ABC) LLC (“Assignee”), a Delaware limited liability company, pursuant to Delaware state law.  Please note that with the exception of the relationship created by the Assignment, and despite their similarity in name, Assignor and Assignee have no corporate affiliation to each other.  Pursuant to the Assignment, Assignor transferred ownership of all of its rights in tangible and intangible assets (collectively, the “Assets”) to Assignee for liquidation.  Assignee shall liquidate the Assets, wind down Assignor and distribute the net liquidation proceeds to creditors of Assignor who timely submit claims as instructed below. All submitted claims will be vetted against existing Qvivr records. 

The link below leads to the Creditor Notice and Proof of Claim form.

Please follow the instructions for submitting a Proof of Claim.

Download the form here.

Frequently Asked Questions:


Is it required that I provide my Social Security Number?

-No. We will accept your claim with as much information as you are comfortable providing. As long as your full name, shipping address, and amount due are provided, you should be fine.

When do I have to complete the form by?

-All Proof of Claims must be sent back by May 10, 2018.

Can I submit the form electronically?

-No. All Proof of Claims must be mailed to the addresses stated on the form.

Can I still submit a claim if I live outside the US?

-Yes. You can still submit a claim if you live outside the US.

I no longer have my confirmation receipt. Can I still submit a claim if I don't know my pre-order amount?

-Yes, you may still submit a claim.

If approved, when will I receive my claim in the mail?

-Payments cannot be made until the Proof of Claim process ends on May 10, 2018. Between now and then, the Assignee hopes to liquidate the Assignor’s assets in order to generate the funds to distribute to creditors of Assignor who timely submit Proof of Claim forms.