SWYP March '16 Update

Dear SWYP supporters,

I am so excited to provide you our quarterly update as we approach Spring 2016. It has been just about three months since the last update, but given the amount of progress made by the SWYP Team, it feels like eternity! 2016 is going to be a big year for SWYP, as we start shipping the product you have been patiently waiting for. I am grateful for your continued support and a special thanks to those of you who stopped by our booth at CES in Las Vegas.     


We have made a few changes to our design, based on learnings from the Beta program. We believe these will improve the aesthetics and overall usability of the SWYP card. One such change involved application of a special coating on the card that reduces scratching of the surface, thus maintaining the beautiful metallic look.

Another change involved moving to a different layout for the navigation buttons. We have moved away from a horizontal to a vertical placement of these buttons. Our Beta testing revealed that users were accidentally clicking the left button while swiping the card leading to some frustration. The vertical placement ensures that the buttons do not interfere leading to a more comfortable and deterministic swipe.


We have always taken feedback from our community seriously. As we get into the final phases of producing the SWYP card, we would like your input on the design of the card. Our designer Steve has created four distinct designs: Loq, Plateau, Till, and Wave.

We would love to understand your preference. Please take a moment to vote for the design you like. I promise it wont take more than 30 seconds. Following the survey, we will automatically enter you into a drawing where you could win a $50 gift card from SWYP.



Our App development team has done a phenomenal job making the SWYP App more usable and frankly more delightful. The SWYP App now allows the user to peek at the details of the card by just tapping on the card. A long tap allows easy reordering of the cards on the SWYP card. The on-boarding flow has been greatly simplified so that you can start using the SWYP card within moments of unboxing the card.

If you would like to see specific features in the App, we would love to hear from you. Just drop us a note at support@swypcard.com and our dedicated Customer Success Manager will forward your feedback to our product team.



We are on track to start shipping the first set of units by end of April as previously planned. As we get closer to that date, we will reach out to you with a better estimate of when you will be receiving your cards. As communicated before, Batch 1 orders will be shipped ahead of Batch 2 orders and in the order they were received.

I will send the next update in Summer 2016 as we ramp up shipments of SWYP cards.  Thank you again for your continued support and thanks to the SWYP Team for their amazing effort in creating a truly unique product. 


Ashutosh Dhodapkar
Co-Founder & CEO

The SWYP Team (minus a few)    

The SWYP Team (minus a few)