SWYP Fall '15 Update


Over Summer, we selected geographically dispersed testers in the US to participate in the SWYP Beta Testing Program. From May through October, SWYP cards were used at hundreds of locations across more than 15 cities. Our Beta testers used SWYP cards at Starbucks coffee shops, CVS pharmacies, Nordstrom stores, Safeway supermarkets, parking meters, NYC taxis and even at the top of One World Trade Center. We were delighted to see the SWYP card really be part of the daily lives of our testers for over 6 months.

With over 5,000 swipes successfully completed with the SWYP card, we received very positive feedback from our Beta testers. The vibrant display, metal finish, and weight of the card were absolute crowd pleasers. As expected of a successful Beta program, we also received many suggestions for future enhancements to the SWYP card. Our product team has already initiated some of the critical updates including a better tactile feel to the buttons, a more robust swipe detection algorithm, and a better exterior look. Other enhancements will be incorporated into future versions of the SWYP card.



As some of you receiving this email will recall, Batch 1 pre-orders of SWYP cards concluded in February 2015. We greatly appreciate your patience over summer, as we concluded our Beta Testing Program. Thank you! During this time, we also received tens of thousands of emails from people wanting to pre-order a SWYP card.

We have acted on your requests and opened up Batch 2 pre-orders last month. Rest assured that those of you who have pre-ordered the Batch 1 SWYP card will be receiving your card before Batch 2 is shipped.



Our goal at SWYP has always been to enhance your checkout experience with a delightfully simple product. Prior to the Beta Testing Program, we had scheduled the delivery of your SWYP card in late Fall of 2015. While we are happy with the overall results of our Beta Testing Program, we also came across some subtle and unusual variations across cards which, as engineers, we want to get right. After a thorough review of the  results, my co-founder (and Chief Technology Officer) Kuldeep Amarnath and I have concluded that we need a little more time to iron out these bugs.

We sincerely apologize for the delay and understand that it will cause a fair bit of frustration. Please be assured that we are aware of the commitments we have made to you and are working tirelessly to implement the fixes. We have our best engineers working on the issues and are confident that they will be resolved shortly. We will provide you an updated delivery schedule for the Batch 1 cards by mid December.

Kuldeep and I, along with our investors and suppliers, remain fully committed to deliver a superior product to you. Thank you again for your continued support and my heart felt apologies for this delay. In the meantime, if you have any questions or feedback, please contact us directly at support@swypcard.com and our dedicated Customer Success Manager will get back to you in short order.

Ashutosh Dhodapkar
Co-Founder & CEO